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Training Statistics Report 2021

Report view. Training statistics report for 2021
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What is an end of year report?

Year end, or annual reports, are a must for all business companies and associations. Generally the report includes the activities carried out by the company throughout the year and what measures were used to check performance. These reports offer all interested parties an overview of the activities and the one prepared by our association includes training statistics, course feedback and funding organisations.

How we use the training stats

The training reports completed at the end of each year are not only used by our team, they’re also used by the organisations that provide the funding. So our report includes the number of trainees, the training course(s) provided and whether the courses were completed or not. It also includes the trainee’s feedback scores from the end of course questionnaire.

As a team we look at this information, along with any additional comments, to see if any training needs to be changed. However, we don’t just wait until the end of the year to review our training. We continually review, update and share revised training information with our trainees. The funding organisations use the report, along with other supporting evidence, to check that we continue to provide quality training.

Who provides the training funds?

The training statistics report below relates specifically to the training provided by Formation Espoir Nature in 2021. It also shows a breakdown of the ‘opérateur de compétences’ (OPCO) that provide the funding. The OPCO depends on the type of business that the trainee is registered as in France. The amount of funding available to each trainee depends on the OPCO they are assigned to – AGEFICE, FAFCEA, FIFPL or VIVEA.

Applying for Professional Training Fund

More information about ‘Le fond de formation professionnel’ – the Professional Training Fund – is included on our FAQ page. We cannot confirm the amounts available for 2022 until we know the OPCO you are assigned to. It also depends on how much you paid in cotisations for the previous year. However, funding information is not available until the second week in February. If you check your eligibility too soon, then it may show as nil entitlement.

If you any other questions about our courses and services, or need help applying for funding, please get in touch.

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