Who we are and why our work matters

Our team goal - l'objectif de notre équipe

Meet the team

Our team members have been carefully selected for their skills and expertise. But also because they are professional, approachable and happy to help. So if you have any questions before, during or after your training, don’t be afraid to put your hand up. As Shirley is constantly reminding us, ‘The only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked‘. Apparently that is the most important thing that she learnt from her UK Civil Service training officer days. In this instance, we have to begrudgingly accept that she’s right. Because if you don’t ask questions, you don’t get answers. And we are all here to learn. So let’s get down to business, and introduce you to the team.

The serious stuff

I promise this will be the only serious section, and it’s just to give you a bit of background on me – Laetitia – and my regular team players, Shirley and Tonia. Between us, we will prepare and present the majority of the training and business services, so it’s probably a good idea for you to know a little bit about us.

Update 07th September 2021 : we have a new team member, Helena Chadderton. Read more below

Laetitia Poulter

Creator and manager of Formation Espoir Nature. Wife, Maman, farm-hand, receptionist, shop assistant, native French language teacher, and Professional Integration Counsellor (someone that helps people to find work).

Like a lot of people I have encountered many problems as a business owner. Trying to juggle business and family life, whilst trying to understand social media and online marketing has caused me lots of sleepless nights. So I set up this business to try to help others who are in the same situation. My goal is to help you improve your business in France, and to help you find and keep your customers.

Getting noticed

One thing that we have all learned from the last few months is that if we are going to succeed in business we need to be online. And that is why I have enlisted the help of two very talented micro-entrepreneurs. They have already demonstrated the value they can bring to the team by taking over the day-to-day management of social media and the website rework. And the updated Espoir Nature Google profile viewings have shot through the roof! It’s a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that I can trust them to keep everything ticking over. But also, in a very short time I have seen a steady increase in the number of Facebook followers, and people applying for business funding. So if they can do this for my small business, imagine what they can do for you !

Meet the team Tonia Jowett Social Media

Tonia Jowett

“After obtaining a diploma in computer programming, I realised that I didn’t actually like the overly logical, and precise nature of computing. So I did the opposite, most imprecise thing I could think of, and gained a BSc in Psychology. After years working in a London practice, I moved to France with my family. I naturally fell into an admin/marketing role in our business, and that’s when I became interested in Social Media.

It soon became apparent that my background in psychology and computing gave me a distinct advantage over other marketers. It wasn’t long before our business began to prosper, and as the children got older, I found I had more time to help other business owners with their Social Media. This is what has led me here – to accept a new challenge, and an opportunity to share my knowledge. Thereby enabling you to improve your skills, and grow your business online through Social Media.”

Meet the team - Shirley Atkinson Website Consultant, Content writer Usability review

Shirley Atkinson

“After several years testing various UK govt. systems, and more than 20 years as an self-employed Test Consultant, we moved to France in 2017. In the past I have worked for a variety of companies – British Telecom, Department for Work & Pension, General Electric, HSBC, the Home Office – across a wide-range of industries. As a result I have a fantastic network of contacts and very good friends all over the world.

Moving to France has meant I can continue running my own business, but working fewer hours. I spend more time with my husband, pottering about in the garden, and immersing myself in the French language and culture. Nowadays I use my testing expertise to help small businesses improve their online profile. I’m very proud to be part of the Espoir Nature team, and I’m looking forward to helping more small business owners survive and succeed“.

Helena Chadderton - Teaching French and English

Helena Chadderton

“I have been teaching French and English for 20 years – in the UK, France, and Germany, in universities and schools, and with learners of all ages and backgrounds. I have a BA (Hons) degree in French and English Literature, a Masters degree from the University of Paris 8, and a PhD from the University of Lancaster, UK.

Since moving to the beautiful French countryside in 2019, I now mainly teach online. Like my colleagues, I am committed to my students enjoying their learning experience. In addition, it is important to me as a teacher to constantly emphasise the links between language and culture/society, and to encourage my students to use rather than simply passively understand language. I love my job because there is no better feeling than giving someone the confidence to speak another language”.

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