Frequently Asked Questions

Fully funded training – what’s the catch?

The question we are always being asked is ‘Am I eligible for funded training?’ We have tried to add extra information about the training fund and other important details on our website pages. To ensure you have all the details you need, we have listed below some FAQs. However, if your question is not included please get in touch.

What is the name of the Training Fund?

‘Le fond de formation professionnel’ – The Professional Training Fund.

Who can apply for ‘Le fond de formation professionnel’?

Anyone that pays contributions can apply for the fund – salaried employees – company directors – owners of small businesses (micro-entrepreneurs)

How can I find out if I am eligible?

If you have created an account on the URSSAF website, go to your documents area. From here you can download the “Attestation de contribution formation professionnelle (versement ou dispense)”. This will tell you if you have made any contributions, the amount, and the name of the association that manages your training centres. As long as the contribution is not 0 then you are be entitled to training funds. Just to be clear though, the amount of funding available is not the figure shown on the attestation. If you have contributed something, even 1€, then you could be entitled to funds of over 200€.
For company directors, you should also be able to access the URSSAF website, or simply ask your accountant. For salaried employees, it must be the company you work for that makes the request for the funding.

How does ‘Le fond de formation professionnel’ work?

The training funds are a global budget for all the companies that carry out the same activity as you (according to your NAF code). This budget must be used within the calendar year otherwise it will be lost. Every year the budget is updated, which means that you can apply for a training course every 12 months. But it can also mean that if you wait too long to apply, then the whole budget may have already been spent and you will lose out.

Where can I find out how much will I be entitled to?

The amount varies depending on your business and which association manages your training centres. So we can’t confirm until the application has been submitted. However, the good news is that recent applicants have been entitled to between 250€ and 2000€. They have been able to use their funds to pay for various courses that we provide.

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Do I have to pay it back?

You don’t have to pay any of it back as long as you have used all of the funds to pay for approved training services. If you don’t use it all then you should refund the outstanding balance to the association that you received it from.

Do I have to declare it as income on my tax forms?

No, it is not treated as salary, or any other form of income or benefit. So you don’t have to declare the training on your tax forms.

Can I use ‘Le fond de formation professionnel’ to cover any training course? Or is it only for training through a specific company?

It can only be used to pay for training courses provided by a certified Qualiopi organisation, such as Espoir Nature.

How do I apply for the funds and how long does it take to come through?

To apply for your training funds you must ask a training organisation to provide a quote, a training agreement and a training programme. The purpose of the training must be to help you improve your professional skills, acquire new ones or develop your business. It is recommended that you get the quote and agreement at least one month before the start of the course. Normally, your collecting organisation (the people who manage the funding) will give you an answer within a month.
You will be reimbursed at the end of the training according to the dates set out in the training agreement.

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What documentation do I need for my funding application?

To prove that you have taken the training you will need to provide several documents. (Enrolment form, certificate of attendance, transcript of attendance for online courses, proof of payment for the course). It’s important that these documents are clear and correctly worded, to ensure there are no delays. But don’t worry, Formation Espoir Nature will take care of this for you and send you the necessary documents to sign. To help you avoid admin overload, we can submit the application for the funding on your behalf.

If I don’t apply for the funds this year will it still be available for me to use next year?

If you don’t apply this year, but carry on working and paying cotisations then you should have funds available next year. But you will lose what is available this year. The training fund doesn’t accumulate, or carry forward to the next year. If it is not used in any one year then that year’s funds are lost.

Is there a charge for applying for the funds?

Should you decide to use our training services then we will complete all the fund administration for you once you have sent us your business details, etc. If you decide not to use the funds for any of our Qualiopi training services, it is not a problem. But then we will have to charge for the fund application service which is 75€

If I am eligible how are the funds paid? Do they go straight to the training organisation, or into my bank account?

The money is paid directly into your bank account. You then settle any invoices with the associations providing your courses.

What training courses does Formation Espoir Nature provide?

We are adding to our list of available training courses all the time. Currently, we provide language training in French and English. We also provide website design, build and management training services. As well as offering help and advice on setting up Social Media accounts, and how to use them to promote your business.
If there is a demand for other courses, then we will arrange for ‘guest speakers’ to prepare and present one or more online sessions, and provide supporting documentation. As long as you have sufficient funds, then you don’t have to use any of your own money to pay for these courses. In which case all your training is free and fully funded!

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Do I pay for Formation Espoir Nature training courses upfront or when they have all been completed?

If you decide you want to use your training funds with Espoir Nature then we will confirm which courses you want, how many hours they will take, or a fixed price, depending on the training. We will prepare a quote (‘devis’) listing the agreed training, and then ask you to sign and return it. When all your training is completed we send our invoice for the full amount, and the training funds are released into your bank account to cover the invoice.

Are all your training courses online?

Most of our courses are presented either by conference call or video chats. We have face to face sessions and some group sessions. You choose what you prefer. Group sessions are less expensive, but are not always the best way if you want to learn at your own pace. It also depends on whether the topics you want to learn about in your lessons are the same as other people’s.
If you want to have face to face meetings then we will try to accommodate these the best we can, depending on your location.

What if I don’t have any training fund after having requested it? Or if I have less than what was asked for on the quote?

If your fund application is turned down (this can happen at the end of the year when the overall budget has been used), the training will be cancelled or postponed to the following year depending on what you want to do. However, if your funding is less than was planned in the original quote, we can adapt the hours to fit your budget. That way you don’t lose the funded training you are entitled to.

Espoir Nature is a QUALIOPI certified training association