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Reasons for learning a new language

  • Improve your social life
  • Boost your confidence
  • Enhance personal and business communication skills
  • Learn more about French culture
  • Widen your customer market
  • To help translate your website and social media
  • Improve your online content

Whatever your personal or business goals, having lessons with an experienced, native French teacher is the best way to achieve them. And for you to get the most out of your training, it needs to be personal, flexible and fun to learn.

At Formation Espoir Nature our motto is ‘Learning should be fun‘. That doesn’t mean that we don’t take your training serious – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We take onboard our customer feedback and continually review and revise the structure, content and flexibility of our training. Our client’s have told us that they have their own ways of learning, such as conversational classes, repetition, and homework! That’s why you decide what you want to learn and how.

Personalised French lessons

Our language courses, like our other training modules, are individually tailored to help you achieve your personal or business goals. After your initial assessment to determine your level of French, we jointly agree the best way for you to learn. We can help improve your knowledge of the language and culture using a combination of books, music, conversation, etc. And together we can find interesting topics to discuss, so you can build up your French skills quickly and easily.

Course information and pre-requisites

Rates : 

65 € per hour

Evaluation methods :

Throughout the course you will take various tests to ensure that your learning is in line with the content of the course: Multiple choice questions, role-playing exercises, dictations, comprehension tests, etc. At the end of the course, you will take a test to see how much you have learned. You will then be issued with a training certificate containing an assessment and our recommendations.

Accessibility :

Our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities.

Pre-requisites :

All courses are accessible to all and are adapted to your level. As most of our courses are given online, it is essential to have access to the internet.

Duration :

The duration of our training courses is variable and depends on your level, your time and your budget.

Teaching method :

We practice two types of teaching approaches; the active and experiential method where you are the actor of your training with a role play, or a project to be carried out. We also give lectures that we validate with exercises.

Access time :

Between 1 and 4 months depending on the financing of your training.

Test at the beginning of the course :

Before starting a training course, we will have you take a test. The aim of this test is to find out your starting level, your expectations regarding the training, and to be able to adapt your training to your specific needs.

Important : before signing up for any of the courses or services, please ensure you have read and understood the General Conditions of Sale.

Flexible format

At present all our lessons are online, via Google Meets, WhatsApp or Messenger. We offer group and 1-2-1 sessions of 30 minutes to an hour. Any longer than that and generally we find that students lose a little focus But if you would prefer a longer lesson, then we’ll be happy to discuss different options. The time, day and length of your lessons is important, and your schedule is outlined as soon as possible. That way you can arrange lessons around your work and family time, so you – hopefully – have fewer distractions.

Alternatively, if you want to improve your English, then our fully trained, professional instructors are waiting for your call.

Online assessment

Unless you tell us you are a absolute beginner, we will determine your level of French by asking you to complete a short, online assessment. It consists of several grammar, vocabulary and comprehension questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers. It’s simply a way for us to understand how much you know, and at what level we start to prepare and present your French training.

At regular stages throughout your training you will have similar assessments to monitor your progress. But if at any point you have any questions, or you want to repeat a topic or exercise, you only have to ask.

Translation Services

If you have a website for your French registered business and it’s only in English, you are potentially missing out on a huge French market. More importantly, are you aware of the French Law that states that advertising in France should be in French?

If you are comfortable with your level of written French, then you could translate your website yourself. But if you are not, why not use your funding to have your site content translated by a native French speaker?

Whether you use social media advertising, flyers or other types of media, it will fall under Toubon Law. We can help you translate them, and can even offer advice on the best places to promote your business to French customers.

Content reviews

At least 1 in every 10 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia. It’s a lifelong problem that can present daily challenges, especially if you are a small business owner. Which is why we are frequently asked to review website and social media content before it’s published. If you feel this service would be useful when you are creating a new website, writing a blog, or preparing an advertising campaign, ask us for more details.

It’s all part of the comprehensive language training and services that we offer. And all of these can be fully covered by your funding and completely free.

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