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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube. No matter what business you are in, you need an online presence that is consistent across all the different apps. But trying to understand the world of social media marketing can be time-consuming. Unless you know exactly who your target audience is and where to find them.

Tonia Jowett is our professional Social Media marketing expert. With her help you will learn how to build a relevant following – and keep them interested. This is vital if you want to create a successful social media strategy that isn’t just based on trial and error.

Each of the topics is broken down into smaller modules and lessons. The modules are approximately 80 minutes long, or can be split over two sessions of 40 minutes. You choose your modules, we have a quick chat, and then confirm your training schedule. Don’t forget to check out our Web design and Google Business courses too.

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Course information and pre-requisites

Rates : 

65 € per hour

Evaluation methods :

Throughout the course you will take various tests to ensure that your learning is in line with the content of the course: Multiple choice questions, role-playing exercises, dictations, comprehension tests, etc. At the end of the course, you will take a test to see how much you have learned. You will then be issued with a training certificate containing an assessment and our recommendations.

Accessibility :

Our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities.

Pre-requisites :

All courses are accessible to all and are adapted to your level. As most of our courses are given online, it is essential to have access to the internet.

Duration :

The duration of our training courses is variable and depends on your level, your time and your budget.

Teaching method :

We practice two types of teaching approach; the active and experiential method where you are the actor of your training with a role play, or a project to be carried out. We also give lectures that we validate with exercises.

Access time :

Between 1 and 4 months depending on the financing of your training.

Test at the beginning of the course :

Before starting a training course, we will have you take a test. The aim of this test is to find out your starting level, your expectations regarding the training, and to be able to adapt your training to your specific needs.

Important : before signing up for any of the courses or services, please ensure you have read and understood the General Conditions of Sale.

Business Review

Alternatively, we also offer a free Business Impact Assessment*. This is a review of your business website and all of your social media accounts. We provide you with an unbiased feedback report advising you of some of the areas that could be improved. That way you can focus your training on learning the skills that will have the most impact.

Are you ready to brush up on your social media skills, attract more customers and build brand loyalty?

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* The free Business Impact Assessment is only available to clients who have signed up for our training courses or services.